Kraig Parkinson

Strategist, Business Architect, and coach in San Francisco, California

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As an executive leader with a humanistic approach and a strong grasp of technology, I bring a diverse set of skills and extensive knowledge of frameworks to the table. I am passionate about driving purposeful and strategic impact, and have a talent for integrating long-term strategic planning with tactical execution and operational excellence. With a proven track record of building diverse teams and fostering post-conventional leadership cultures, I deliver customized solutions that achieve results for all stakeholders - people, profit, and planet.


I’m a highly intentional, disciplined, and continuous learner that maintains a beginner’s mind while leveraging the body of expertise and wisdom available. I consider myself a post-conventional servant-leader who maintains patience, compassion, and understanding for everyone I meet while offering candor and leaning into tensions. I’m a highly-sensitive observer, participant, and leader. I seek to learn the systems that influence our world from the cosmos to critical theory. Inspired by the Blackfoot Nation, I believe our work should provide opportunities for individual and collective actualization and perpetuate the culture we want to see in the world.

I've spent my career in consulting across Thoughtworks and Pariveda Solutions. After spending over half of my professional life abroad, I'm currently living in San Francisco, California.

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